Salad Burnet Seed

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Salad Burnet Seed

Morgan Botanicals herb seeds are hand collected locally from our gardens and the wild.

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(Poterium Sanguisorba)

A beautiful plant with lacy, saw toothed edged leaves, unfurling from tight fans at the ends of their stems. Salad Burnet is so hardy that in most mild winter areas it will continue to thrive all year long. Even in the most severe weather areas it is one of the first plants to come back in the spring. Leaves are tangy, fresh, and taste like cucumber.

All our seeds are packaged with approx. 25 seeds.

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Lifecycle:2    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Container Planting:no

Cultural Requirements:

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Morgan Botanicals is the work and journey of me -Jessica Morgan, certified Community Herbalist and Horticulturist. I warmly welcome you to learn more about the amazing value of plants: Take a class, pick up fresh plants or medicinal seeds, or enjoy freshly handcrafted herbal products and monthly Herbal CSA boxes where everything is lovingly prepared with the intention to nurture and comfort. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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