Salmon Creek Ranch

Salmon Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch on the Sonoma coast. We offer pasture raised Muscovy duckling, certified organic duck eggs and goat meat. from our free-foraging Kiko goat herd.

Our Muscovy Ducklings are raised in small flocks, without cages on open pasture. They get no antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO feeds or other additives and spend their days sunning themselves, playing in water and hunting for tasty morsels to eat. They are protected from the many ground and airborne predators in our area by livestock guardian dogs and range freely without being caged 24 hours a day. Muscovies are a slow growing bird, taking a full month longer to mature and have 30% less fat and 50% more breast meat than the commonly available Pekin. Our ducks eat a variety of pasture grasses and weeds, along with a vegetarian, locally produced certified organic feed containing a 16% protein mix of grain, minerals and vitamins and NO genetically modified products. The difference in flavor between a pasture-raised, freely-foraging bird and one that has been confined inside a barn its whole life and and limited to only grain is an experience well worth trying.

To ensure the most succulent, tender meat possible, we harvest our ducklings between 10 and 12 weeks of age. They are custom processed at a USDA facility without preservatives of any kind and vacuum-packed to retain freshness. We harvest once a month throughout the year. The dressed weight of our drakes is approximately 6.0 lbs - 8.0 lbs and of our hens is 3.5 to 4.5 lbs. We offer whole duck, legs (4 to a pack) and boneless breast. We also have a limited amount of necks, liver, gizzards, hearts, wings and feet, which can be ordered by the pound.

Other products from Salmon Creek Ranch include certified organic duck eggs, honey, and goat meat. We are members of Sonoma County Farm Trails and offer farm tours.


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Organically grown, pastured Muscovy Duck Certified organic ducks eggs Honey Goat meat (seasonally)

Schedule and Location:

Santa Rosa, CA: Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12 noon

Schedule and Location:

By appointment.

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If you like duck, you will LOVE Salmon Creek Ranch! Their ducks are raised the *right* way and you will taste the difference. You can even take a farm tour and see why their ducks are so good.... [more]

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