Sam's Icelandic Sheep Farm, llc

Alton, Missouri
Family Farm

Sam's Icelandic Sheep Farm, llc

We are the Wallaces, living in the heart of the Ozarks, central Missouri, 15 miles north of the Arkansas border. We raise the wonderfully beautiful Icelandic Sheep on our small farm. There are also chickens, turkeys, guineas, guardian dogs and our faithful FarmCollie.

On our farm we utilize Management Intensive Grazing practices, and occasionally High Stock Density MIG when there is an area we need to get under control. We took over an abandoned farm, so we have many areas that have gone riparian and need to be browsed down and cleared. Since we strongly believe in NOT using chemicals for weed control or fertilizer, we use our animals instead.

Our sheep are medium-sized and a triple purpose breed. They are great milkers, up to 3.5 liters a day; provide a wonderfully mild flavored meat that is prized by many top chefs; and have gorgeously colored, long wool that is sheared twice a year. At this time, we are sacrificing the wool in order to use the sheep to browse the brush down. Hopefully by the end of 2008 or 2009, our pastures will be in shape and we can start selling wool and wool products.

We do not use growth hormones nor do we feed grain. Our sheep lamb on pasture as they were intended to. They eat grass, are great browsers and foragers, and get hay in the winter if needed. We use many different natural wormers for the sheep, and only the occasional use of chemical wormers to save a life. Since our breeding program's major focus is heat tolerance and worm resistance, we expect the chemical wormers to disappear.

Our chickens are completely free to range where ever they please. It only took them a few months to figure out that where ever the sheep were, that's where they wanted to be. Our eggs are completely natural, no chemicals are fed to the chickens.


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Here is one of our horned ewes with her set of twins.

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