Cheese Making 101b:Mozzarella Cheese

Seabreeze Organic Farm - San Diego, California

Virginia Masters returns with the second class in her series of 3 cheese making classes. She will take you step by step through the process of making mozzarella cheese. Surprisingly simple once you see how it's done! We'll bake on pizza dough with toppings in our very own outdoor pizza oven. And we'll assemble a dazzling garden salad topped with edible flowers, herbal vinegar and California virgin olive oil. Lemon verbena tea with local honey for refreshments. A private mini-market will be available for our guests to purchase our farm produce. Experience how gratifying it is to make your own cheese. The last mozzarella cheesemaking class was a great success, so RSVP early and come for more earthly delights direct from the gardens. For more information, visit our website

Date: Nov 10, 2012
Start Time:1:00 PM
End Time:3:00 PM
Organized by:Seabreeze Organic Farm
Address: 3909 Arroyo Sorrento Rd.
San Diego, CA 92130
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