Road to wholesome foods, organic living

Like many, we slowly woke to the realization that the way society has lived for the last fifty years was exploiting our natural resources. That the food we consumed became part of our bodies. And what we consume will lead us to live or to die.

Our road to a healthy life style included growing our own food. We started with a vegetable garden, then fruit trees and finally a beehive, that quickly became 3 beehives in the space of two years. At that time we realized we needed to move out of the suburbs. We bought a dozen acres and moved to a tiny house with a lot of potential.

We want our own children to be fed with whole foods and consume all we produce, that's why we put extreme care and love in the practices of our farm.

We currently offer broilers and eggs.

Poultry Pasture Poultry:

Our Broilers start their life in an indoor brooder, that protect them from the weather and predators. During this phase they are feed a certified USDA organic poultry feed. This is important, as USDA organic poultry feed contains no chemicals, pesticides and no GMO grains on it. Once this phase has been completed, the broilers are moved to outdoor pens where they live in bottomless coops. In this coops they start scratching for grass, seeds, worms, bugs and grubs, as with all broilers, they need to supplement their pasture intake with a high quality poultry feed, here again we only use certified organic feed, in order to avoid any GMO food in our chickens. The bottomless pens are moved periodically to get the chickens into new pastures all the time. Once they reach around 4 weeks old they are moved to open pens, protected by electronet, where the broilers have more freedom to roam across a larger area of property, here again their feed is supplemented with certified organic feed. Our broilers are never feed any antibiotics, feed additives, we never do chlorine baths, saltwater injections or add artificial flavoring agents, it's just plain chicken.

Eggs Pasture Eggs

Our hens live outdoors, they spend their days scratching the earth for grass, seeds, worms, bugs and grubs. They also perform normal chicken behavior that caged chickens cannot do, like take dust baths to keep themselves clean, socialize with other chickens or just relax under a tree during a sunny day.

Not all pasture eggs are created equal: Hens, not being ruminants, need to supplement their grass/grub intake with grains to have proper nutrition and to be able to produce good quality eggs. We only supplement their feed with certified USDA organic poultry feed and grains. Organic certified grains mean that the hen eats feed that contains no chemicals, pesticides and more importantly contains no GMO grains. Currently around 94% of all soy planted in the US is GMO and around 65-72% of corn planted is GMO (soy and corn being common poultry feed ingredients).


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We currently offer Pasture raise poultry and eggs. Our poultry is raised on open pastures with an USDA certified feed as supplement. Our hens roam through all of our property looking for bugs/seeds and grass, they are also supplemented with an USDA certified chicken feed.

Schedule and Location:

Open 7 days a week, just send us an email to arrange a convenient time to pickup your order.
We also deliver to Katy, TX

Schedule and Location:

Open 7 days a week, just send us an email to arrange a convenient time to pickup your order.
Regular delivery schedule to Katy on Saturdays.

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