San Ysidro Farm

Our farm is located near the settlement of McNeal in the heart of Cochise County, Arizona. As the crow flies, we are about 20 miles east of Historic Tombstone.

Our grassfed animals are raised on irrigated and native pastures. We believe that the best ruminant (ie. sheep, cows, goat) meat comes from animals that are eating what they we designed to eat...Grass and browse, NOT GRAIN! Our Dorper sheep were bred in South Africa to thrive under arid conditions...more arid than what we enjoy/endure in SE Arizona. They are usually born in the pasture and are very vigorous from the get-go. We harvest lambs between 90 and 115 pounds. We have found the Dorpers will put on too much fat at weights above 115.

We also raise a limited amount of grassfed beef using Limousin cross cattle. We have just started offering farm raised pork also. Pigs do like grain and not being a ruminant, they utilize it quite well.

We make sure that all of the product offered in our Natural Meats program has never been exposed to antibiotics, artificial hormones or growth stimulates, or any un-neccessary medicines. If it becomes necessary for us to treat an animal with antibiotics, that animal is removed from the Natural program and sold through ordinary means.

We welcome people to stop by the farm and see what we are all about with the understanding that the farm is a "work in progress" and not really a showplace. Our hopes and dreams are to have really nice landscaping and for the farm to look really clean and tidy, but for now we are content for our animals to be happier than we are.


Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2008

Naturally raised Lamb, Beef and Pork. Grain free, hormone and antibiotic free.

Schedule and Location:

Bisbee Farmer's Market 8am-12noon on Saturdays (May thru Oct) and
Sierra Vista Farmer's Market on Thursdays (year-round)

Schedule and Location:

Lamb is always available at the farm or for delivery by special arrangement. Check with us about beef or pork as those are more limited.

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I have been purchasing the beef stew meat from Sierra Vista cooperative market. Usually it's tender and flavorful. The last time the meat had a lot of gristle and was unchewable. But on the whole, their meats are very good.

I am close to being a vegetarian, but I've been purchasing (at the Bisbee Farmers Market) and eating ground beef and ground lamb from San Ysidro Farm for a few years and am delighted both with what I've learned of their production methods and with the delicious taste of their meat.

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