I dont nessesarily have a business, but do grow a large full garden of fresh organic vegetables and wish to barter, trade and exchange during summer months. Also wish to trade and exchange seeds of any and all fruits vegetables, trees, shrubs flowers etc. Am about to germinate Redbud tree seeds to either trade or barter or sell for the following season. I too prefer and only grow organically produced plantlife to help bring back the nature we were initially born into, with regard to the untainted & untouched by GMO science , the natural world of the plant kingdom, now under serious threat, by the seed and pharmacuetical corporations genetically engineering the plant kingdom, and depleting the the topsoil of the planet with known poisness herbasides and pestisides and genetically altered plants that are polluting agriculture fields worlwide. Together we can preserve and protect the organic and natural and original gene pool of the plant kingdom in its original form as well as reminralize the topsoil of the planet while taking nature into our care to preserve our food plant kingdoms future. I wish to meet local citizens with the same incentives to preserve the natural world from any form of genetic tamperings, and be confident and assured the foods we eat are 100% complete with the very vitamins our agricultural plants use to carry a couple decades ago.

Sincerely, Sandra


Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2005

Barter, Trade, & Exchange Seed & Garden Foods Organically Grown

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