Workshop: Early Spring Vegetable Gardening

Love Apple Farms - Santa Cruz, California

Take advantage of our mild California Bay Area climate to get your vegetable garden up and productive for the season! Why wait for summer to start harvesting your own healthy and organic produce?

This class will teach you what's possible to grow and pick in early spring. You will be able to plant and sow in February and March, then start to pick your bounty in April. Learn sustainable organic techniques that will let you seamlessly integrate your early spring vegetable garden into your summer plantings of warm-weather lovers.

We will discuss lettuces, spinaches, chards, bok choy, tatsoi, carrots, turnips, radishes, snow and shelling peas, mustard, mizuna, cress, kale, and other quick-growing veg that will tide you over til the warm weather hits. This class differs from our Winter Vegetable Gardening Class, as it only concentrates on quick, cool-weather plants that you will be able to put in now and harvest in the spring.

Every student gets to sow a flat of seeds to take home to tend along with instruction on how to grow them out.

In addition to the culture requirements of each of the vegetables, the topics covered in class will include: bed preparation, heat and light requirements, frost control, germination tricks, companion planting, organic pest control, fertilizing, and harvesting techniques.



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Date: Jan 30, 2013
Organized by:Love Apple Farms
Address: 2317 Vine Hill Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
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