Workshop: Egg-Cellent Morning Dishes

Love Apple Farms - Santa Cruz, California

This recipe is certainly silly. It says to separate the eggs, but it doesn't say how far to separate them. -Gracie Allen

Have you ever felt this way when cooking eggs? Although an egg may seem like the simplest ingredient, it can do a multitude of incredible things. Some say the test of a true chef is to see how one can cook an egg. It is true, the complexity of just the chicken egg alone is astounding. Poaching, boiling, frying, whipping, and baking are just a few techniques one can try to enjoy eating eggs, and the outcome always depends on the technique and timing.

In this class, chef instructor Maggie Cattell will teach techniques she learned at the California Culinary Academy and at the Michelin-starred Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg as well as other fine-dining restaurants in France and Spain. Her goal for this workshop is for you all to be able to prepare magnificant egg dishes at home. Through the breakdown of three to four egg-centric recipes, you will learn how to master soft boiling, poaching, emulsifying, and finally both classic and country French omelettes. All dishes are excellent for brunch on Easter (which is the following weekend), or any special day!

Recipes taught:

- Spinach Salad with Pickled Onions, Lardons and Semolina crusted Soft boiled Egg. Techniques Learned: Soft Boiled Egg, Hard Boiled Egg

- Eggs Benedict or Florentine with Hollandaise and Steamed Asparagus. Techniques Learned: Poached Egg, Separating Egg whites/yolks, Emulsification

- Country French Omelette and Classic French Omelette. Techniques Learned: The elusive perfect omelette

- Cheese Souffle. Techniques Learned: Separating Egg whites/yolks, Folding, Meringue techniques

AND If we have time, for dessert...

- Sabayone over fresh strawberries



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Date: Mar 23, 2013
Start Time:12:00 PM
End Time:4:00 PM
Organized by:Love Apple Farms
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