Sarver Heritage Farm

Sarver Heritage Farm was established in 1951 on 250 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Organ Cave Area of WV. The current stewards are Robert & Jewell Doering, the third generation of Sarvers to raise cattle on this land.

Our cattle are born, raised and finished here. We can tell you how each of our animals have spent their lives, every animal has recorded history. We run a closed herd, meaning we do not buy livestock from other producers. Our cattle are heritage breed crosses of old world Angus and Galloway. They only forage either from pasture or our own grass hay. We practice rotational grazing to maintain fertile, lush pastures to assure the health of the land as well as the cattle. We treat our cattle humanely and with respect. A good portion actually enjoy (demand) a good scratching when we check on them daily. With pastures ranging from 10 to 50 acres, they have plenty of room to move about and do what they do best. Of course, they receive no hormones, no fed antibiotics or any supplement other than access to free choice trace mineral salt. They are harvested at 18 to 24 months of age, providing tender and full flavored beef.

Our beef is processed at a small family-owned USDA certified facility, where it is dry aged for 21 days before being cut, vacuum packed and flash frozen. We sell individual cuts, as well as split sides, sides and whole beef. Our steaks are cut 1.5" thick; cuts and ground beef are available at the farm year 'round. Discover what one food critic described as "the Platonic ideal of the modern steak".

Other products from our farm include natural handcrafted soaps made from tallow, rendered from the suet from our beef, organic oils, and naturally scented. Ms. Doering also creates homemade jams from fruits raised on our farm.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience with our products and invite you to visit and tour our farm.


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We raise pastured, 100% grass fed beef. No hormones, antibiotics or systemic pesticides are used on our animals. Our beef is processed at a family owned USDA certified facility and is available at the farm and online. Raising beef on Sarver Heritage Farm has been a family tradition for 3 generations.

Schedule and Location:

Sarver Heritage Farm, Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 6pm

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