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Susan and I recently moved to a small ranch in Decatur, Texas. Being located on the old Chisholm Trail, we decided that it was only fitting that we should raise Texas Longhorn cattle.

When we began, our intention was to raise Texas Longhorn breed-stock. However, we soon learned of the nutritional benefits and great taste of grass fed Texas Longhorn Beef. Soon we began providing beef to family and friends.

Now we are ready to provide it to you. What better way to entertain guest than with real Texas Longhorn beef. For details, please check out our website at WWW.SBLONGHORNS.COM.

Susan and I really enjoy raising these magnificent animals, and would love to have you as a customer. We sell beef by the side direct to our customers or retail through several local stores - see our website for a store near you. Also, you are more than welcome to visit our ranch and get a first hand view of how we raise and treat our animals. Be sure to bring the kids and a camera!

Listing last updated on Feb 24, 2014

Your Neighbors Are Enjoying Nutritious, Lean*, Grass-Fed, Texas Longhorn Beef!

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We sell Longhorn beef year-round. Call to schedule your visit.

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We've bought from this farm many times. The beef is wonderful and is indeed quite lean. The taste is excellent!

We've also known this family personally for several years.... [more]

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