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SCRF is a 'real food' store in Florence, SC. You'll find food raised and grown the way God intended. We sell food that is not genetically modified, is organic (or 'best practice'), heritage and heirloom varieties, locally produced, and with as few chemicals and artificial ingredients as possible.

We carry local non-homogenized milk, local heritage breed chicken & pork, local wild-caught seafood & grassfed beef. Our produce comes from LIGHT Farms, which locally grows heirloom vegetables, fruit & herbs.

We are committed to supporting our community with education and relationship-building. Please see a listing of classes on our website.

Listing last updated on Feb 12, 2013

Our no-white flour bakery produces homemade breads, granola & cookies from fresh-ground whole grain flours.

You'll also find for sale whole grains by the pound or in bulk and we grind those into fresh flour for you for FREE. Also, buy raw organic nuts, seeds & beans.

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Val is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real foods and the effects of real foods on the body. This store offers may different real foods at reasonable prices.... [more]

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