The Scallys have raised natural beef no antibiotics and no hormones for 10 years. Because of this we decided to sell our meat about 2 years ago. We hated to spend all of that time having a great beef then have it sent out to the feed lots. Our beef is processed at Cruse meat processing, Rimer NC. USDA approved. We have our meat handlers license and sell at 2 local farmers markets. To view the farm and products, visit our website. Thank you - Sandra & Ron

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Scally's natural beef raised on our farm, grass fed no antibiotics or hormones. The way our great-grandparents raised the meat they ate. Our cattle get fresh pastures and water, all grazing as a herd. The meat is very low fat and a wonderful taste because it is freshly processed and sold to you. Sandra & Ron Scally.

Schedule and Location:

At the market: 7th St. Public Market, Charlotte NC

Schedule and Location:

At the farm - contact us to arrange an order

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Sandra and Ron are about the nicest people you could meet. They go above and beyond to make sure you are getting what you need. Great prices and taste!

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