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Thank you for visiting our page. Because I am currently in Madison at school at Wisconsin I have a very limited number of lambs available. Feel free to contact me for more info and availability.

Schalla Sheep and Lambs was formed with an ambitious yet achievable goal: to ethically and naturally provide the customer with the biggest and most tender cuts of lamb at an affordable price. Unlike many sheep producers who raise wool breeds and sell lambs for meat on the side, we exclusively focus on raising meat type breeds for the best possible cuts for your dinner table. It is important to us to provide peace of mind that your family can enjoy safe and quality lamb. Sold as whole lambs, we also provide our lamb at a great value of $4.50 per pound based on the hanging weight at processing and including all processing costs.

Our lambs are naturally raised on our family farm just outside of West Bend, Wisconsin. The lambs are born in spring so that ewes can graze fresh pasture to provide plenty of milk and nutrients to the newborn lambs. When the lambs are big enough, the ewes are sorted out to there own pasture so the lambs can continue to graze and grow on there own. They are free of any growth hormones or antibiotics to ensure a safe product you can enjoy.

What do I get from a whole lamb? The main cuts of the lamb include the Leg of Lamb, Lamb (loin) Chops, Rack of Lamb (ribs) and the Shoulder. These can be prepared in a variety of ways. Here is a sample order [brackets are other options]:

(2) Boneless Leg Roasts, about 6 lbs. each [Lamb Steaks] (Approx. 10-12) 4-6 oz. Loin Chops [Loin roasts] (2) Rack of Lamb (Ribs), about 2.5 lbs each [Rib Chops] (2) Rolled Shoulder Roasts, about 5 lbs each [Cubes for Kabobs] Approx. 6 lbs ground lamb: Lamb Patties Ground Lamb

We can deliver lambs to processors near the Milwaukee and Madison areas where they will need to be picked by the customer. Processing fees are included in the price but lambs will be prepared to meet your requests. We are more than happy to help you decide how to have your lamb prepared.

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to reserve a lamb, please contact us via email or phone. Thank you for your time and interest!


Listing last updated on Jan 12, 2009

Please fell free to contact us with any questions or for more information!

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