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This farm has been a farm for better than 50 years. We raise pigs and cows, calves every year, and we raise chickens and ducks. We do sell our animals for freezer meat and I have several butchers I prefer. I have a incubator that will be going into a buiding in the spring to raise baby chickens. I also love people stopping by to see what we are doing, . We do not believe in drugs; or steroids, only antibiotics they get is ,,,if they are sick,,,, we are natural based. We do not believe in steroids.we are now selling fresh chicken eggs for 1.50 a dozen and i am working on my organtic licence. and i will have fresh vegtables this year as well.

Listing last updated on Jun 13, 2009

we raise pigs mainly for freezer meat or for starter farms. we also raise roaster chickens . we have eggs which the chickens are range free and our ducks are range free. we also have calfs for sale every spring, black angus cross they are pasture fed , roam free, very little grain, and lots of really good hay, and alot of tender loving care,

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i will be doing this for eggs at first then my vegtables later on. i will also have canned goods on hand in canning season.

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