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Our farm is located in the central part of Illinois. We've been raising registered Black Angus cattle for nearly 16 years now, and have finally gotten the consistant beef quality that we have been striving for.

All of our calves are fence-side weaned to reduce stress and maintain contact between mother and calf while not allowing any suckling. Then calves are grazed on pasture through 1000lbs. At that time they remain on pasture but are supplemented a small amount of ground corn (grown on our farm) to improve the marbling and flavor of the beef. We market only beef that grades USDA Choice or above, a feat difficult to obtain with grass fed cattle. We believe that these management practices allow us to produce safe, wholesome, and tasty beef while having a positive impact on the environment and maintaining a comfortable life for the cattle.

Beef is sold by a mixed 1/4, 1/2, or whole carcass and delivery is availiable. Prices are $2.50 per lb carcass wt. plus packaging charges. (Usually around $100 for a 1/4). More pricing detail are availiable on our website -

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Listing last updated on Apr 17, 2012

100% grass fed CHOICE BEEF from our family farm to your freezer

No Antibiotics No Hormones No Growth Implants

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Wholesale 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef carcasses. The carcasses are processed and packaged into retail cuts and they are divided evenly into boxes. A quarter is typically 2.5 boxes weighing between 30 and 40 lbs per box.

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The best steaks we've ever had. I bought a quarter last fall. After doing some computing what you would pay for beef of this quality elsewhere it's a really great value.

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