Schwebach Farm

We are a family owned and operated farm in Moriarty, New Mexico, (just 30 miles east of Albuquerque) in the heart of the Estancia Valley. Conveniently located less than one mile south of Interstate 40. During the summer, the days are warm and the nights are cool, providing excellent conditions to grow the best white sweet corn, pinto beans, bolita beans and vegetables. Take a scenic drive, enjoy some time in the country and get your farm fresh produce.

Listing last updated on Mar 19, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Please check our website for the Farmers' Markets that we attend.

Schedule and Location:

Moriarty, New Mexico. Open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

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Wonderful corn and produce. Some of the best I have seen in New Mexico. We live in Moriarty and enjoy watching the corn grow and become ready to eat! The farmers a very friendly.

Good hard working people. With excellent produce, year after year. George Hutzen

I always enjoy going to the Schwebach Farm. Their kindness and generousity to everyone is much to be admired. Its so nice to see the family work together.... [more]

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