The olive tree been under cultivation since 3000 B.C., but the best olive oil in modern times wasn't produced until 1936. That's the year my father Nicola Sciabica and I began cold pressing olive oil in California.

Though I was born in Waterbury Connecticut, my father long desired the Mediterranean climate of Sicily and he was told that California was where he needed to be. Upon arrival in San Francisco he was met with a little disappointment, as it was summer time and he expected a bit warmer climate.

Yet, in 1925, we took a short drive to Modesto (to pick up some watermelons to sell in San Francisco) and he fell in love. He said “this is like home”. He purchased a small grape vineyard in Modesto that year, and we began to grow grapes, not for wine but to sell them fresh for wine making. During prohibition, my customers were allowed to make a small amount of wine for personal use.

After 11 years on our Modesto vineyard my father decided that olive oil would be our next venture. With the knowledge that he brought from olive oil making in Sicily, the fall of 1936 marked the first time Sciabica’s olive oil would grace our family’s table. However, it was not known as Sciabica’s, but rather Marsala Olive Oil, so named for the town in Sicily in which my father was born.

For decades our olive oil was only available under the Marsala label. It was not until the late 80’s that we branched out and began pressing olives by variety and season, keeping the varietal separate all the way to the bottle. We then began to offer our varietal olive oils under the Sciabica label.

The highest quality and consistency has always been an important concept in our family. To maintain that quality and consistency we continue to produce our olive oils completely naturally, and take only the first pressing from the olive. The premium oil we produce this way retains the natural flavor, aroma and texture of the select fruit from which it is made.

The extra care we take in the selection of only the finest varietal tree fruit and the attention we give to our natural cold pressing process means we can offer you 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil with all its delicate characteristics and nuances of flavor. We press 100% Natural Varietal Olive Oils in limited qualities -- just like fine varietal wines. We lavish care on each step of the growing, production and bottling process, and you can taste the difference.

All our 100% Extra Virgin California Olive Oils are unrefined and contain no imported olive oil, chemicals, artificial colorings or preservatives. They are a delight to experience. In fact, we're so confident that you'll enjoy our flavorful olive oils that we offer you an unconditional money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our products, just contact us and we'll refund your purchase price.

Remember when you purchase our Varietal Olive Oils, you're dealing directly with the family who makes this premium gourmet olive oil. We think of it as being shipped from our family to yours!

Sincerely, Joseph Sciabica


Listing last updated on Jan 11, 2008

The Sciabica Family has been producing the highest quality olive oil in California since 1936 (They are by far the oldest California olive oil producer) 4 generations later, the family owned and operated farm offers 100% Extra Virgin Varietal Olive Oils ranging from the Strong and Peppery Manzanillo Fall to the Buttery Sweet Mission Spring. Additionally the Sciabica's fresh press fruits and herbs with their olives to create amazing results such as Lemon, Basil and even Jalapeño olive oils.

Schedule and Location:

San Francisco Farmer's Market (Ferry Building): EVERY Saturday

Modesto Farmer's Market: Thursdays and Saturdays April through December

Pleasanton Farmer's Market: Saturday's January through April

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