Scio Valley American Chinchilla's

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Scio Valley American Chinchilla's

Being self-sustainable is important to us and 'food' is a certain priority. Natural organic home raised garden foods and livestock are essential in our lives. We nurture a few acres of fertile ground raising organic sustenance with high regard for what it takes to get seed into the ground and ultimately served on our table. By raising heritage / rare breed / arch variety species we contribute to the balance of natures diversity while reaping highest nutritional yields for our well-being. Feeding ourselves from seed to table gives us quality control over that which we put into our bodies. Our animals and produce are raised with love and other natural ingredients. They are nurtured thoughtfully throughout their life cycle and final processing. Visit Madaras Garden Studio.

Listing last updated on Apr 16, 2012

We raise and sell Rare Breed American Chinchilla Pedigree Rabbits. Available for breed stock, pets and show. We're located west of Ann Arbor, Michigan. American Chinchilla rabbits are considered an endangered breed by the ALBC. They are hearty, friendly animals bred primarily for their meat and fur. Our stock is feed organic grains, alfalfa and quality pellets. Grand champion blood lines insure quality breed stock. Order yours now for limited availability.

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