Scotch Creek Farm

Scotch Creek is a full line self sufficient farm in Western Kentucky. The farm specializes in the things people want , meat, eggs, milk products like Cheese,grains, hay and produce. We raise grass fed heritage breed cows, pastured hogs and chickens, grass fed dairy goats and organic produce. We are also raising heirloom grains like corn, wheat, rye, oats. Much of this is to feed our chickens and we do give some to our hogs and goats in winter and of course the horses.

For Milk we sell goat shares and the shareholders take the bounty of the goats. Please contact for goat herd share information. We raise a small amount of cows and pigs and chickens as they are available. Usually we send out a list of what is available for the following season. People let us know what they want, then we fill the orders with the animals and you wait while we grow your food organically and humanely. Meat Orders are picked up at the locker of your choice. Everything else is at the farm.

Grains available on a first come first served basis or reservation. Eggs first come first served. Hay is sold in surplus situations only. Produce is sold at the local farmers market or off the farm as a part of a package if requested. Bought eggs and want basil and spinach? Or picked up your milk and want some strawberries in season. Just ask we will be happy to add it to your order.

We are working on our organic label which as it's own challenges. I don't agree with all the practices because I do not feel they are all correct or purist organic so we are working toward Certified Organic if it makes sense to our customers. If it causes us to have to raise our prices we may forgo the label to save our customers money. WE will still continue to raise organically.


Listing last updated on Jun 8, 2013

Full line of products! Goat shares for dairy products, pork, beef, eggs, hay, grains, fruit and produce.

Schedule and Location:

Hopkins County Farmers Market Sat/ Wed Posted hours change at the market.
On property, call or email for availability.

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