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We have naturally raised yaks and yak meat, which is much leaner, tastier, healthier, and more eco-friendly than beef. Search "yak meat" on the web, and you'll find tons of favorable articles about it. Here's an example: We are a small, newer operation, so our supply is very limited. We are not certified organic, but the yaks are pastured year round on chemical free land, and are fed manure-fertilized hay in the winter, with an occasional treat of oats, and have access to mineral salt blocks. They are chemical, vaccine, and drug free. Meat is processed in a state-certified and inspected shop.

As of July 2009, we have a starter package of a young bull and heifers.

Listing last updated on Aug 1, 2009

Yak meat, Excellent! Naturally raised. Limited supply. 1 package of breeding stock available.

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