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farms Katz

 Napa, CA       Shop

"For us, Kim and Albert Katz, our culinary lineage spans the last 30 years. It began in the late seventies at a time when cooking local, farm-fresh foods was just beginning to take hold in this country.  more...

farms Chelsea Hill Farm

 Napa, CA      

I come from a great line of gardening families so when I made the decision to keep Honeybees the Chickens naturally came along for the ride. These additions to our vegtable garden has no doubt turned our little plot on earth into an Eden.  more...

farms Tolay Valley Farms

 Petaluma, CA      

Tolay Valley Farms is a family owned an operated CSA situated in the beautiful Tolay Valley in Sonoma county California. Our goal is to provide fresh, delicious, pesticide free produce to our customers at a fair price.  more...

farms Big Ranch Farms

 Napa, CA      

Offering both freshly harvested produce and garden plant starts, our Farmstand is open to the public from late March to mid-November, 10am to 6pm (closed Mondays). We offer a large assortment of fresh seasonal summer vegetables, heirloom tomatoes and strawberries.  more...

food-coops Napa Food Cooperative

 Napa, CA   

While we hope to some day soon become a traditional co-op, we are at the present a small group of food activists and growers. Part of our mission is to supply useful technical information regarding food, and at the same time trying to form social connections and community cohesion around food and health issues.  more...

farms Muelrath Ranch

 Napa, CA   

Local, grass fed beef available for sale. Our Angus steers are born and raised in the Carneros region of Napa Valley. They are 100% grass fed. We also offer grain finished steers. Grain finished steers are also grass fed and then supplemented with certified organic grain,for at least 60 days to provide additional marbling.  more...

farms Comida Carneros

 Napa, CA   

Comida Carneros is the first CSA to operate in Napa County., located in the Los Carneros region of Napa. We began weekly delivery to Napa and St. Helena in the first week of June. Please contact us with any questions. Join us for our first season of Community Supported Agriculutre in Napa!  more...

farms Duck Duck Goose Farms

 Napa, CA   

We focus on rare varietals grown for flavor, soil health, and sustainability above all else. Many of our crops are recognized by Slow Food USA and are approved on the Ark of Taste. We are currently not offering a CSA, but if you would like to have a farm tour or place an order for some of our produce, please feel free to contact us.  more...

member Napa County Farm Bureau

 Napa, CA   

The mission of the NAPA COUNTY FARM BUREAU is to ensure the proper political, social, and economic climate for the continuation of a strong, viable, and sustainable agricultural economy.  more...

restaurants ZuZu

 Napa, CA