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farms J 2 J Farm and home

 Jay, FL      

We are a small farm located in northwest Florida, just across the Alabama line. We are new to the local farms and We do not use anything artificial in our products. Currently we have some farm fresh eggs and a few herbs. I also have burlap and canvas bags and purses. I also make curtains, flowers, bedding, and other home decor products.  more...

farms Aliff Acres

 McDavid, FL      

We are a small, family-owned farm, located in Northwest Florida in the McDavid community. We specialize in heirloom, non-gmo produce. We believe in growing produce with no pesticides or herbicides and follow organic planting and growing methods.  more...

farms Coldwater Gardens

 Milton, FL   

Coldwater Gardens is a sustainable agritourism farm working for the health of our environment and community through sustainable farming practices. We provide environmental and agricultural education, we cultivate organic and heirloom foods, and demonstrate sustainable living.  more...

farms Little Escambia Poultry Farm

 Brewton, AL   

Here at Little Escambia Poultry Farm we raise heritage poultry breeds selected for their superior qualities of vigor and tastiness. They are raised in a humane way and allowed to free range and forage for a percentage of their food. They act like chickens, ducks and turkeys getting fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  more...

farmers-markets Brewton Choo-choo Farmer's Market

 Brewton, AL   

Brewton Choo-choo Farmer's Market is dedicated to bringing locally grown produce and cottage craft foods to the people of Brewton, East Brewton, and Escambia County AL and surrounding areas. Our vendors provide seasonal locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey and various locally made craft items.  more...

farms Clear Creek Farm

 Milton, FL   

Clear Creek Farm produces naturally grown fruits, vegetables, mints and herbs for sale to local restaurants and at farmer's markets. We provide heritage apple trees for sale at the farm that are N. W. Florida ready. Grafting demonstrations are offered in February of each year.  more...

farms Fidelis Farms

 Jay, FL   

We have farm fresh raw Nubian Goat's milk. Grass Fed. Chemical Free. We occasionally have Nubian goats for sale. We have pastured chicken eggs and Buff Orpington chickens. No GMO seeds here! We have heirloom veggies. **Our goat's milk is sold for pet food as per FL law.**  more...

farms Four Bees Apairy

 Jay, FL   

Locally produced Wild Flower Honey. Bees Pollinate and produce Honey here on our property from Maple, Pine, Cedar, Apple, Pear, Vitex, Pussy Willow, Golden Rod, Sumac, Privets, Yaupon and a host of other wild flower sources.  more...

farms Dakota Farms Beef

 Jay, FL   

Thomas Dakota Adams is a third-generation farmer who is determined to raise and sell the best-tasting, healthiest grass-fed beef you can get. All of the farm's cattle graze freely on well-tended pasture and eat hay in the winter, and none of the animals are given hormones to force them to gain weight.  more...

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