Organic Gravenstein Apples - Green Variety

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Organic Gravenstein Apples - Green Variety


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 20 lb. Green Grav's$45.00

Season: Jul-Sep 

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A very few of us alive today were lucky enough to grow up beneath the shady canopies of the Gravenstein apple trees. They are only grown commercially in three spots on the planet, primarily here in Sebastopol.

I was born and raised on the apple ranch where I live today, and spent every summer past the age of ten, picking apples to earn money for school clothes. So, take it from one who knows.....there is no other apple like the Gravenstein! It is slightly tart, extremely juicy, with a crisp skin. It is widely cited as the the apple which translates into the best pies and preserves.

Some of the trees on my property were planted in 1887, and those trees still produce the most flawless apples. I also offer the red variety on a separate page. My ranch has been chemical free since the 1950's.

The most economical way I have found to ship, is in a Priority Flat Rate Box. They cost $15.50 and hold 15-20 lbs. So, with the price of the fruit being $1.50 per pound, your total cost equates to $2.50 per pound, with shipping cost included.

Grav's are fragile, and bruise easily. That makes no difference if you plan to use them for pie and sauce. If however, you are concerned as to the appearance of your apples, I will have to cushion them in the box, and you will wind up with about 10-12 pounds, rather than 15-20. Please let me know at check out if you want padding in the box. As this is an organic product, please expect to see some worm holes!

Having happy customers is very important to me. If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact me. I will gladly offer you a replacement free of charge. If you would rather, I will refund your money. I do not require that you return the merchandise.

Our farm is family owned and operated since 1939. Our products are all naturally grown, free of chemicals and pesticides. Each product is individually picked and processed (as in naturally dried) by me. This is the spot that Luther Burbank declared to be "God's chosen spot on the earth, as far as nature is concerned." Our plants grow strong and tall here......good stock produces good product.

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