Seeds: Trinidad Collection

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Seeds: Trinidad Collection

Four varieties of Trinidad chilies include Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Congo, Orange Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad Perfume

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The Trinidad Scorpion is hotter than the Bhut Jolokia. I have eaten both and I agree that this is the hottest chili I have ever eaten. The heat is intense and the flavor is slightly fruity and goes well in salsa.

The Orange Trinidad Orange Scorpion is a super hot chile with a very fruity flavor. Plant is very productive. Large pods with a shape similar to a habanero. Some develop scorpion tails.

The Congo Trinidad is larger and has more ribs than the typical red habanero. It measures 2 inches long and wide. They are extremely hot and productive yielding large harvests. Matures in 80 days.

The Trinidad Perfume chile has the citrus flavor as a habanero without the heat. This chile is very popular in Caribbean dishes. The pendant pods are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 wide and mature to golden orange-yellow in 80 to 85 days. Plants are 24" tall and extremely prolific.

Capsicum Chinese, Pepper, Chili, Chile

All seeds sold were grown in 2014 for the 2015 planting season.

All of the plants I grow are irrigated with pure artesian well water which is free of toxic chlorine and fluoride.