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Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens is a 22 year old family operation dedicated to supplying seeds for delicious home gardens and stunning native landscapes and teaching our customers to save their own seeds. It has been the resource since 1984 for thousands of extreme gardeners looking for exceptional flavor and trusted reliability. Bill and his father represent a total of more that 80 years experience growing gardens and seeds at high elevation. Find seeds from around the world for the coldest climates and shortest seasons.

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Siberian Tomatoes

Siberians adore their tomatoes and every dacha (country cottage) boasts at least one large cold frame to encourage the earliest possible crops. Hundreds of side-by-side dachas form dense little villages where competition for the earliest and best tasting tomato is intense. Our 1989 seed gathering trip to Siberia allowed us to become the first seed company to introduce more than 25 delicious Siberian treasures to the West.

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Thursdays. 5:00 pm. Cottonwood, Arizona

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They have non gmo seed that is aclimated to our area, I get 98% germination rates, have used them for years!

They are friendly, knowledgeable and allow you to pick them up at their testing/growing grounds.... [more]

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