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Seeds represent the rest and survival stages of a plant, of its continuity and existence.

Propagating plants from seeds has always been a very satisfying experience as it can be considered a very prolific method of plant production even if the results are sometimes variable.

Farmers and gardeners have always reserved the best plants for seed, improving their crops and developing new varieties in this manner. It is also most gratifying to collect the infinite variety of seeds available from any garden in any part of the world, without causing any damage to the plants.

Traditionally, informal networks have spread these seeds around to other farms or gardens in different climates and this has helped develop local cultivars with unique characteristics.

The Internet is now speeding up this process and through it many people have access to rare seeds, in some cases for plants previously thought to be extinct.

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Iowa~Indian White Freestone Native Peach Tree

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Rare, heirloom peach! Plant SEEDS for productive, cold-hardy trees, beautiful blossoms & exceptional, delicious fruit in 3 years!


Native Florida Wild Everglades Tomato Seeds
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Catnip Seed ~ Organic Iowa Grown TOUGH STUFF!
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