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Semkin Longhorns is a locally owned, grass fed, Texas Longhorn Ranch. Here at Semkin Longhorns, we believe the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients for our bodies come from nature. All our Texas Longhorns are registered, raised, and fed on live, natural grasses as they were in the "Wild West" during the 1800's.

Unlike growth induced commercial cattle found in feedlots, we do NOT subject our Texas Longhorns to hormones, steroids, antibodies, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We allow our Longhorns to graze on the lush, prairie grasses of western Oklahoma as nature intended. By staying in nature's harmony, we feel our Longhorns are more in "tune" in providing you a much healthier quality of beef than what you find in you local supermarkets.

With our popular STEAKBURGER GROUND BEEF, we have put nature to work. It is all natural, giving you that great beefy taste without all the calories, saturated fat and cholesterol that you will find in other meats. UNKNOWN TO MOST CONSUMERS, OUR STEAKBURGER GROUND BEEF HAS LESS CALORIES, FAT, AND CHOLESTEROL THAN SKINLESS CHICKEN!!!

Unlike conventional ground beef, we include the choice cuts of sirloin, rib eye steaks, roast, prime rib, brisket, T-bone steaks, and more, in our STEAKBURGER GROUND BEEF. Providing you, the nutritious conscious consumer with a quality meat that is much leaner and healthier, while having that delicious flavor of steak. JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED FOR TODAY'S HEALTH CONSCIOUS FAMILY!

We welcome you to visit us here at the Semkin Longhorn ranch. Come and see how our Texas Longhorns live as they did back in the 1800's. Witness how your diet can benefit from the traditional methods of our ranching operations as our ancestors once knew. We also welcome you to visit us and our ranch at:


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The Semkin Longhorn Ranch - established in 1975.

Our Semkin Longhorn beef products are all U.S.D.A. inspected.

Longhorn Steakburger Ground Beef Patties
Each one of our delicious patties is 1/3 of a pound. They come sealed in a one pound package of three.


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