Sendero Brothers All Natural Grassfed Texas Beef

Arlington, Texas
Family Farm

Here at sendero brothers ranch in palo pinto county texas,you will find the best in native pastures,cool clear water, and an atmosphere of low stress, providing our cattle with exactly what they need to produce beef that is high in nutrients with the flavor and texture your family will truly enjoy.

lower in omega 6 fatty acids and higher in omega 3 fatty acids, sendero brothers all natural grassfed texas beef use no antibiotics or hormones of any kind ever. Our cattle are never crammed in feedlots and live a much lower stress life than conventional commercial beef. This process delivers a beef with the flavor our grandparents enjoyed. All beef is hung in cold dry aging for 18 to 21 days, cut to your specifications or standard cuts, pro-wrapped and vaccum sealed, frozen and delivered to the location of your choice. Delivery in dfw area is free on all orders over $100.00 and we"ll split the shipping anywhere in the state. Free delivery on wholes and halves in texas. if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 866 933 7782.


Listing last updated on Jan 12, 2010

Sendero brothers all natural grassfed texas beef is raised just west of ft. Worth,texas in palo pinto county. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used on this beef, producing the best tasting beef you have ever had. Sendero brothers delivers wholes and halves that are dry aged the "old fashioned way" for 18 to 21 days .it is then cut to your specifications or cut standard, pro-wrapped and marked as to cut, vaccum sealed, frozen and delivered to your location. Free delivery on wholes and halves.

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Sendero Brothers is available online through our website as well as sites like Local Harvest,, Organic and others which are being added daily.

We deliver free on wholes and halves anywhere in Texas to the location of our customers choice.

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i just had my first delivery (free) a few days ago. the beef is excellent, trimmed perfectly. even better is the packaging. everything is wrapped and labeled perfectly, not just butcher paper but also plastic/shrink wrap.... [more]

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