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Serendipity Farm was founded 20 years ago to provide wholesome non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables for our family. The kids are all grown up and gone now and we're left with an over abundance of apples, peaches, pears, apricots, and plums. We can control how much we plant in the garden but the trees are permanent!

Our main vegetable crop is asparagus, but we also have heirloom tomatoes, a variety of bell peppers, fingerling potatoes, heirloom sweet corn, beets, spinach, and many varieties of salad greens.

In the summer of 2012, we decided to take our produce to the Leavenworth, Kansas farmer's market. We were amazed at our success! We really enjoyed getting to know the customers and they told us how much they appreciated and enjoyed our fruit.

In June 2014, we expanded our operation to include a market stand at the Parkville, Missouri Farmer's market on Saturdays.

We make a sugar free applesauce and apple butter that sell out each week. I bake sugar free, homemade apple pecan muffins made with mostly organic ingredients. They are delicious and so healthy for you, we refer to them as muffin encapsulated health! I always have the recipe ready to share when our customers request it.

We have soy free brown and blue eggs from pastured hens, supplemented with certified organic soy-free,non-GMO chicken feed. Brown eggs $5.00 dz, blue eggs $3.00 half dz. For more information on the dangers of soy please visit the Weston A. Price Foundation online.

We have successfully transitioned one of our pastures into organically grown alfalfa hay. We are getting ready for our 3rd cutting this year.

We believe that organic food should be affordable to all people from all walks of life. We can do this because we sell our fruits and veggies to the customer directly, avoiding the profit driven grocery store middlemen. It's hard work but it's also very rewarding at the end of the day knowing that you have a quality product that's not going to harm you or the earth from which it came.

April 2014 update: The technical service provider that inspected our farm has informed us that he has submitted our organic plan to the USDA. He was very impressed with our farm and told us that he didn't think we would have a problem becoming certified organic! There's still lots of paperwork to do but we're one step closer to being certified organic.

It is our hope to become your grower of choice for organically grown, non-GMO, heirloom fruits and vegetables!


Listing last updated on Oct 16, 2014

We now have sweet apple cider for sale at both the Parkville, Missouri and Leavenworth, Kansas Farmers' Markets. Cider is also available for purchase at the farm. We don't spray our apples with harmful chemicals so you don't have to worry about consuming anything but apple cider. We elected not to add preservatives to it so the only thing you're getting is 100% pure apples! We used a cold UV pasteurization method that only kills bacteria if present and doesn't harm the enzymes.

Schedule and Location:

Parkville Farmer's Market - Saturdays: 7:00 - 12:00 thru October 26
Leavenworth Farmer's Market - Saturdays: 8:00 - 12:00 thru October 26, Haymarket Square @ 7th Street and Cherokee

Schedule and Location:

By appointment only. Please call ahead to find out what is available.

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We spent the afternoon at Serendipity Farm and Orchard and got a hands-on lesson in the art of cider making. Michael and Lydia are so anxious to give of their time and very energetic as to sharing their knowledge! We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon! I am a fellow vendor at the Leavenworth Kansas Farmers' Market and have learned a great deal from them! Lydia shares so many tips on how to prepare their stunning variety of beets and other produce.... [more]

We love Serendipity Farm! Lydia has delicious produce, all farmed with organic methods. She also has yummy eggs! Her chickens are pastured and do not have soy or gmo in their feed. Lovely farm and lovely owners!

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