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Serenity Farms of Ohio specializes in raising pasture raised Freedom Ranger poultry, brown eggs, live chicks and pasture raised heritage breed Tamworth hogs, known as the Bacon Pig. We offer pure pork with no medications, brown eggs from true free ranged chickens, and pasture raised poultry for not only the best tasting food, but the healthiest food you can find.

We have seen CAFO livestock farms and want nothing to do with that inhumane method of raising animals. Visit us anytime to see how we operate. We utilize rotational grazing, which is we graze an area, letting the animals feed and fertilize it, seed the area, allowing the animals to tromp/plow it in, then move the animals to fresh graze and start the process over. Not only does this allow the animals to enjoy a fresh diet, but allows the consumer to have a higher quality food from less stressed animals, healthier happier beasts!

God created nature which is perfectly in balance. Man destroys that balance trying to squeeze more profit out of each product. Small farms like us try to live in harmony with nature and do things the natural way.


Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

We currently have Farm raised Beef for sale. Taking orders for May 2013 Freedom Ranger Broiler Chicken, April/May 2013 feeder or breeder Tamworths, Fall 2013 Pork, and we always have eggs. Visit our site and I will show you how to get your eggs for free! And... you don't have to raise chickens to get them either.

Thanks, Shawn Who Grows your meat?

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