Seven Doves

Our farm is located in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest. We are surrounded by mountains and good clean air. Our girls as we like to call the cows have never had anything to do with artificial hormones, rbst or any other unpronounceable. We believe in happy cows living long lives on the farms they were born on. All the cows have names.

Our dairy products have a very rich color, the butter for instance is dark yellow, because the cows are grass fed and only eat feed when they milk. This allows the cows to eat alot more vitamins like A and D that are transferred to their milk. Its not added to the milk later with artificial ones.The feed that is given to the cows in the barn while they milk does have minerals and vitamins in it special for dairy cows to help them get what is growing in the field. The feed is not organic because there are no organic feed mills in our area. There was one around Little Rock but a tornado took care of that. So we buy the best we can for them. In the winter they get hay that is put up on our own fields. The hay fields have never been sprayed with poison. They are fertilized with fertilizer from our farm. We also plant wheat and sometimes rye for them to eat during the winter as well.

We started the dairy farm in 1994 with holstien cows but eventually went all jersey. We ran a closed herd until a couple of years ago when some new bloodline was introduced for a stronger animal. Now we have gone back to the old bloodline and introduced a milking shorthorn bull for a tougher jersey mix. There are about 40 cows milking now with some dry cows and many hiefers to calve this fall.

The creamery was started in November of 2006. It has been a real learning experience. A mom and daughter team, sometimes we call it the two girl circus because you have to juggle so many responsibilities. Thankfully we have help from grandma and uncle Paul.

All of our products are natural. We don't use any preservatives.


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At the dairy Sat thru Thur 9-5

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