Shadow Wings Farm

Shadow Wings Farm is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia. We are committed to raising heritage breeds in lush, natural environments. Our livestock feed is grown locally by a family who has passed down the heirloom seeds from generation to generation providing optimal nutrition which translates into the products we receive from our animals.

Our Black Angus cattle roam freely on open pastures. Our Berkshire pigs are not raised within the confines of farrowing crates and from birth begin rooting and foraging the land, gaining natural vitamins and minerals without artificial supplementation. We make bacon the old fashioned way, without nitrites/nitrates or other preservative chemicals, that has been naturally smoked with fresh hickory wood. The Nubian goats are full of robust personalities and their milk produces the most luxurious dairy and skin care products. The Old English Babydoll Southdown sheep's wool is every spinner's delight. Samples of their fleece are found to be 19 to 22 microns which is the same class as cashmere. The fleece blends well with other fleece bearing livestock.

Our heritage breed Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rock chickens are prolific and consistant egg layers year round. They are a gentle breed and fill the farm with sounds of life.

Our apiary is a very important work we invest in. With the bees across the country becoming increasingly vulnerable to CCD, we are very blessed to raise them in an enviroment that is GMO agricultural free with volumes of native vegetation for them to feed on. We do not use any chemicals whatsoever and have found that our bees remain strong and flourish in our isolated, naturally protected environment. They produce many different types of honey according to the vegetative honey flows which include wildflower, Tupelo, clover and the infamous Sourwood. We occasionally have 5 frame nucs available that are from our own closed stock with proven over-wintered queens and strong colonies.

Last but not least, the core of our farm is guarded and protected by our Kangal livestock guardian dogs. They are a primitive and rare breed here in the U.S. and we are very honored to not only own them ourselves but to also share them with others. They are our 'first love' and our hearts passion. While they are a 'dog', they are unlike anything we've experienced before. They are loving, social, loyal and fierce when their charges are threatened. In our rural environment that houses numerous predators like coyote, bear, mountain lion, it's a blessing to know that our animals remain safe under the careful watch of our Kangals.


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