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Shady Lane Poultry Farm, Inc. is a small poultry breeding company that specializes in pasture-bred commercial day-old chicks. One of the reasons we are unique is because we actually own all of the breeding stock that produces our hatching eggs. We do not buy hatching eggs on the open market. Our commercial lines are developed from some of the best genetic resources in the world and will perform on your farm in a variety of systems. We believe that access to pasture and fresh air is the best environment for chickens. Our commercial breeding stock is raised in day-range systems with year-round access to the outdoors. Our belief is that chicks from birds bred on pasture are hardier and are better adapted to the extensive production systems that are becoming more common among small and medium sized producers

Listing last updated on Sep 27, 2004

We mail order chicks, hatching eggs or will deliver to shows we attend. Customers may pick up at the hatchery with prior arrangements. NO TOURS of breeding facilities, hatchery at any time.

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