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$5/doz $12/flat.....Come by anytime but best to call first! Why is free range so important? A study done by the American Pasture Poultry Producers Association: Pasture raised chicken eggs have 285% more Omega3, 10% less calories, 34% less cholesterol, 14% less total carbohydrates, 73% more vitamin A, 11% less calories from fat, 13% less saturated fat. From a health perspective, this is huge! We have all been taught that corn fed beef and chickens are actually a benefit. But NO! The problem is that these animals have been eating grass since their creation not corn. Their bodies are designed to eat grass, insects, and grain. The study shows that human consumption of corn fed animal products is the specific reason that cholesterol has been on the rise in this country. There are a lot of dairy products in our diet: milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, butter milk, etc. And there is a lot of beef and poultry consumed in this country. Consuming animal products that have been fed corn drives up Omega 6 levels in our human bodies, which directly makes the bad cholesterol in your blood stream rise significantly. Studies show that high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids increase your risk for cancer, obesity and heart disease.


Listing last updated on Mar 16, 2014

Organic, Free Range chickens, raised with lots of love. We possibly have the largest chicken this side of the Mississippi! Come meet him!

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Call or text anytime. We are located off West Main Street or south off of Fulkerth Rd.

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These eggs are so delicious, and they make the best meals! Thanks Shady Oak for providing us with a local, organic source for eggs. We love the amazing eggs, and we love to support our local farmers. Keep it up!

We started buying Shady Oak eggs within the past two months, and, as the previous reviewer noted, delighted in their quality. They are clearly pastured and properly supplemented, as the shells, richly colored yolks, and firm whites are of superior quality.... [more]

The eggs were AMAZING!!!

The flavor is really remarkable. The eggs are so nutrient rich that the egg shells are harder to crack open, than store bought eggs.... [more]

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