Hello!! We are new in Maysville( we have been here one year & I month!) & have 10 acres & a big brick house & plenty of room & our plan is to build a community & market "organic" vegetables & work at home!! We had a large garden growing & planted 25 trees & I an the one who loves to do the packaging & market on top of growing it!!! We only grew this year & hope to market this coming summer with CSA!! We are vegetarians & do want to use amimals the right way here in this farm!! We only have a poodle & one cat & one kitten at this time!!! I am hoping to get duck & do honey bees &if the community gets more people (ic.org can tell al about that) I hope to have sheep & anmeals like that!!! Just getting settled to the place & advertise on line on ic.org & going to set up a webvsite soon to do more advertising!! So nice meeting you!!! Birdie Partner Mike

Listing last updated on Nov 20, 2008

Please use our add in ic.org advertising what we want to do here community wise etc. You can go on ic.org & you will find sharingcirclecommunityfarm@windstream.net ! Thats us!!

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