Our "garden" is grown primarily to feed us and a couple of elderly neighbors. As the family has gotten smaller, there has been more excess food so we are now selling it directly and through the Lakeshore Farmers Market. Produce and eggs can be picked up at the garden and pre-ordered for delivery at the Farmers Market as well as purchased at the market.

All fruits, vegetables, and eggs are raised organically although we do not do enough business to be required to be certified as organic. At the present time, we are working to acclimatize open pollinated plants to our location starting with heritage seeds and saving seeds from the plants that perform the best. In time, we should have varieties that resist local pests, tolerate the tempeture extremes of the area, and produce well with limited water use.

The egg layers are housed in a coop that opens into a fenced yard at night and when we are not here in order to minimize predator losses. The remainder of the time they are allowed to wander the property at will. We have a variety of heritage breed chickens with some very rare breeds at times. Multiple breeds are used in order to maximize disease resistance and to lengthen the laying season. Eggs are cleaned as needed but are not graded or sorted as to color. This means that there will be a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes in each carton.

Pesticides and herbacides are not used with the exception of OMRI listed insecicidal soaps when absolutely needed. Even this is avoided if possible in order to preserve the natural pest/predator cycle. Your produce should have the ocassional chew mark because perfect produce equals a unnatural pest/predator balance.

Chicken litter, horse manure, and plant materials from the property are composted and used as the sole source of soil admendments. When weed barriers are required, old newspapers are used.

Visitors are always welcome but a phone call beforehand is requested.


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Schedule and Location:

Saturdays, Lakeshore Farmers Market, 9 am to 1 pm, Wofford Heights, CA

Schedule and Location:

As requested.

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