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If you are like me, you have this strange desire to do things the hard way, i.e. grow your own food when possible rather than go buy it from an anonymous grower at the store. Baring that, you hope someone else will grow your own food for you to the same exacting standards you would... if you could...but you can't. So I will! To that end I am producing Berkshire pork, Buff Orpington poultry and New Zealand / California White rabbits as meat for my family's table, and yours. As they say on the ice cream commercial, we eat all we can and sell the rest! Also selling Diatomaceous Earth, local pick up only.

Listing last updated on Feb 4, 2010

Put simply, homegrown means you know where it came from. In our case, Homegrown means meat raised with affection. We give every animal loving daily attention, for despite the fact we are raising livestock for family meat consumption, first and foremost we are raising animals - living breathing creatures that are not only part of our livelihood, but part of God's great plan as well. Poor quality care means poor quality meat. I don't want to feed that to my family, do you?

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Animals availability changes, please call to check supply or to buy in to a litter.

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