She Hasta Bee

For over 60 years our family has been offering some of the finest raw honeys in Northern California. It all began with Andrew Nelson in 1948; my father taught me everything he knew about beekeeping since I was a young child. It is this knowledge that we treasure when managing our hives and extracting the excess honey our bees produce.

We never harvest the honey until the bees tell us it is ready. Also even though the US Government says we can artificially add 20% additional water to the extracted honey we refuse to. We feel that by doing so that is tampering with something that should never we tampered with. We also never heat treat or filter our raw honey providing you with a taste of perfection!

Listing last updated on Jun 12, 2014

"SHE HASTA BEE" is for it is the queen bee and her genetics that determines if a hive will be a good one. Therefore, "she hasta bee a great queen to have a great hive".

Let us entice you with this heaven sent sweetness!

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4989 Occidental Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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I just received my Creamed Cinnamon honey from the 16oz jar. It was packaged very well and my glass jar had a very safe journey to me in Bakersfield. The package also contained what I assume is some change($3) and a very nice hand-written note that pleasantly indicated that Fred, Donna, and I are part of the same family <.... [more]

I tried 3 different honeys and they were all great. I have recommended She Hasta Bee to my friends. I plan to return as soon as I finish what I have.... [more]

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