Fresh organic goat milk, cheese, kefir, yogurt, Cajeta (a fantastic, healthy caramel made with just goat milk & sugar) and goat milk soap are made from the herd of organic Alpine goats. Get Your Goat, a popular one-day, hands-on goat class covering natural and organic methods for raising your goat is available at different times during the year. Email for class schedule. Goat kids, bred yearling does, stud goats and trained, banded males (for pets only) are also available.

Liselle's Lotions are an organic & natural line of skincare and bath products. The center of the line is an Organic Moisture Cream that is so natural that you could eat it. Made from only the finest food grade organic ingredients, it is a great moisturizer for face, eyes, neck, hands & body. Helps to restore elasticity and freshness to your skin. 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your body; you should never put on your skin what you wouldn't put into your mouth. The lotions are made from food quality organic ingredients in small batches and sold in glass jars (never plastic) for purity. Made from natural healing ingredients it doubles as a great first aid cream for you, your children & pets. The Organic Moisture Cream has recently received dermatologist recommendation for the treatment of eczema, especially in children.

Organic Dog Treats are made from goat's milk from the goats, eggs from the chickens, cheese, garlic, flours and oil. They are baked to a crispy crunch but are not too hard for older dogs or puppies. Every batch is eagerly taste-tested and approved by the 5 dogs living on the farm. The cat toys are made from organic catnip & feathers from the chickens. All profits from the cat & dog treats are used to provide shelter & food for stray, unwanted or abandoned cats & dogs while awaiting adoption. The farm is a no kill shelter and safe haven for people & pets.

Herbal Bug spray is a natural spray with a base of organic catnip tea, herbs and a blend of essential oils. It really works, not just for you but for all your pets too. Recipe given with purchase.

Organic, free-range fertile eggs are available on a limited basis. The farm produces organic apples, pears, raspberries. A wide variety of seasonal vegetables is also available including in organic heirloom tomatoes, assorted types of melons and lemon cucumbers.

Produce & Products can be purchased at the farm by appointment. Produce & Products are sold at the Excelsior Farmers Markets on Thursday (2-6pm), Chanhassen Farmers Market on Saturday (9-1pm), rotating Sunday markets between Golden Valley and, new this year, Wayzata Farmers Market. Liselle's Lotions are also sold at local arts & crafts & holiday events throughout the year and are available by mail.


Listing last updated on Jan 29, 2013

Sheila B's Organic Farm is a small, woman owned organic farm that produces a wide variety of produce & products.  Liselle's Organic Lotions and skincare are made on the farm from food grade organic ingredients. Food for your skin. The farm has been organic for 11 years.

Fresh organic goat milk, cheese, kefir, yogurt, Cajeta and Goat Milk Soap are made from the herd of Organic Alpine Goats

Schedule and Location:

Excelsior Farmers Market, Thurs. 2-6p
Chanhassen Farmers Market, Sat. 9-1 p
Alternating Sundays between Golden Valley, Sun 9-1; Wayzata, Sun. 9-1p

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