Shetland/Icelandic/Cotswold Fleece

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Shetland/Icelandic/Cotswold Fleece

Unwashed fleeces, low vm, low lanolin. Fleeces from 2-6lbs are available in lengths from 4-10" and from fine crimp to loose wave.

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 Black Fleece $25.00  Qty:
 BlackYearling Fleece $25.00  Qty:
 Cream Yearling Fleece $25.00  Qty:
 White Lamb Fleece $25.00  Qty:

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Our sheep are raised naturally with no antibiotics or hormones. They are fed grass pasture in summer and good quality hay in winter.

Your purchase helps support our educational programs, thank you!

Our heritage breed wool fleeces are available year round at reasonable prices. Our Cotswold sheep produce fleeces of long, lustrous curly locks suitable for all kinds of crafts including doll hair, Santa beards, rugs, and outerwear. We select only high quality locks from each Cotswold fleece to be shipped.

We have been breeding our Shetland cross sheep specifically for handspinning. My favorite fiber to spin is long, medium fine, and crimpy. White, brown, and gray colors are available. Recently we\'ve brought in some Icelandic blood and are offering only the lamb fleeces from those crosses. The Shetland component preserves the loft of the overall fiber and reduces the \"fly-away\" nature of pure Icelandic. The result: a softer, longer, more easily spun fiber.

Prairie Winds Farm thanks you for your purchase which supports heritage breeds and sustainable farm educational efforts.