Shiitake Mushroom Dried

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Shiitake Mushroom Dried

Home Farm Herbery All Natural Gourmet Dried Shiitake Mushrooms are the best you can buy. Healthy, easy to reconstitute. Order Now!

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Shiitake Mushroom Dried

Many years ago we learned how to grow Shiitake Mushrooms on logs and we learned how to dry them and we also learned that Shiitake Mushrooms are also known as Japanese Mushroom, Black Forest Mushroom, Golden Oak Mushroom or Oakwood Mushroom. Originating in China these mushrooms can easily be grown anywhere you live in the USA. However, these, like other mushrooms require a lot of work.

We dry and package our ingredients as Dried Sliced All Natural Shiitake Mushrooms and they have a very pleasant, nutty, mild mushroom tastes and we have been able to retain their creamy texture while giving you the great earthy gourmet aroma the discernable palate wants.

Try our All Natural Dried Shiitake Mushrooms in your hearty stews, meat, rice dishes, soups and stir-fry and will find that these give great depth to sauces.

You can use them as a substitute for our Mushroom Powder Blend, Maitake Mushrooms Dried, Porcini Mushrooms Dried, Oyster Mushrooms

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