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Shiloh Valley Family Farm is a small, family-run farm dedicated to providing healthful foods to our family and yours. We specialize in pastured gourmet Berkshire pork, eggs from pastured poultry, Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and chevon, and luxurious Suri alpaca fleece. During the Farmer's Market, our daughter has homebaked goods available using high-quality, natural, and many organic, ingredients.

Our great tasting pork starts with happy pigs. Our purebred, registered Berkshire pigs are raised outdoors. They are fed a variety of locally-farmed natural grains, fresh milk, and alfalfa hay. Their protein is obtained from certified organic soybean meal, to avoid GMOs in their feed. Because of the healthful way they are raised, our pigs don't require routine antibiotics, nor are added hormones given. In meat quality tests, Berkshire pork consistently tops all other breeds in marbling, juiciness, and tenderness. We sell by the quarter, half, and whole hog, as well as by individual cuts. We are pleased to offer nitrate-free hams and bacons, as well as MSG-free sausage.

Our delicious and nutritious fresh eggs come from heritage, dual-purpose breeds of chickens. Our laying hens are truly free-range and pasture-raised, being confined only at night in order to protect them from predators. In addition to grass and insects during the warm months, they are fed locally-grown wheat and oats, and additional grains which are certified organic. During the winter, they are supplemented with grass/alfalfa hay.

We raise both Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Both of these goats are considered dual-purpose for both milk and meat. The Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf both have some of the highest butterfat content in their milk, making it rich and delicious, as well as perfect for yogurt, cheese, and soap-making. The wethers are raised to provide us great-tasting chevon. They are kept on pasture where they can graze and browse and given grass/alfalfa hay in the winter. A small ration of certified organic grain is provided to supplement their diet.

At the Farmer's Market in Sheridan, our daughter will have baked goods made from quality ingredients such as organic Wheat Montana whole-wheat flour, organic sugar, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, and our eggs. Although her selection varies, it usually includes pumpkin and banana breads, scones, and cookies.

We also have a small herd of registered Suri alpacas. We often have raw fiber available from their luxurious fleeces and occasionally alpacas for sale.


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Our farm started based on our desire to feed our family the healthiest foods. This desire has grown and expanded as we consider it a privilege to provide these same foods to our community, to help preserve heritage varieties of livestock, and to build a farm based on sustainability, as well as diversity and symbiosis, rather than monoculture and industrialized farming.

Schedule and Location:

Sheridan, Wyoming Farmer's Market, Thursdays, 5-7 pm. The 2014 market runs from 10 July to 25 September.

Schedule and Location:

Contact us anytime to purchase directly from our farm.

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We just had some of Shiloh Valley Farm's Berkshire ham. Just have to say, I've never tasted better. Well flavored through to the bone, tender and juicy. A definite favorite for my family.

Shiloh Valley Farms products are absolutely pure & done with the most care I can imagine! It is so good to be able to trust the integrity of their products, knowing first hand the high standards they use to produce such wonderful food. A true family farm!

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