The Shingle Springs Farmers Market is a diversified Market offering agricultural (both certifiable and non-certifiable) and non-agricultural goods for sale. Open every Sunday 8AM-1PM. Detailed Rules, Regulations and Application can be downloaded from our website. Certified Producers and Products: Sellers in this category are those who have grown or produced the products they sell on a facility which the seller controls and includes: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts in the shell, Shelled Eggs, Honey, Cut Flowers, Nursery Stock. All certified agricultural products must be sold in accordance with State Direct Marketing Regulations for Certified Producers. Non-Certified Producers and Products: Sellers in this category are those who have grown, bred, raised, or cultivated, the products in fresh or processed form, such as: Live Animals, Livestock, Fish, Aquaculture, Wine, Worms, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Processed Nuts, Juices, Pickled Fruits & Vegetables, Jams. These sellers may have their products dried, ground, roasted, juiced, smoked or otherwise altered in one stage process by a second party. All sellers of non-certifiable agricultural products must obtain a certified producer's certificate for the fresh product from which the processed product was derived. Sellers of Non-Agricultural Products (Prepared Foods and Crafts): Sellers in this category are those who have cooked, canned, baked, preserved or otherwise treated the product they sell. Sellers shall prepare the finished product. All sellers must obtain and display all applicable permits, including a permit from the health department of the county from which the products originate. Sellers of Crafts Sellers in this category are those who have created, sewn, constructed, or otherwise fashioned from component materials the item(s) they sell. The component materials must be sufficiently modified from their original state to demonstrate fine craftsmanship. Crafts must be thematic with the farmers market. Crafts must reflect images of agriculture, agrarian lifestyle or the Market in general. Non-profit Organizations and Community Groups: Non-profit organizations and community information groups (organizations) shall be allowed at the Market whenever space is available. Each group or individual is allowed to come as needed during the year.


Listing last updated on May 5, 2010

The Placerville Elks Lodge is proud to sponsor and manage the Shingle Springs Farmers Market. The SSFM is an El Dorado County Certified Farmers Market as defined by the Food and Agriculture Codes and Regulations of the State of California and approved by and through the El Dorado County Agricultural Commissioner, Certificate #ED 095A. This is a Community Project managed and supervised by volunteers of the Placerville Elks Lodge. This Project will hopefully fund our many Community projects.

Schedule and Location:

Open every Sunday 8am-12pm
Corner of Product Drive and Durock Rd.
Shingle Springs, CA 95682
(Adjacent to Placerville Elks Lodge located at 3821 Quest Court, Shingle Springs, CA)

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Sabrina is correct, that farmers market is pitiful. She did comment on the correct market - if you look at the "Location" specified for this market it does state that this market is at the corner of Durock and Product drive - which is the one at Elks Lodge.... [more]

I don't know which Shingle Springs Farmers Market you are referring to as we have two. There is one in the business park by, I think it's the Elks Lodge, on either Saturday or Sunday.... [more]

Great idea, and I really hope it picks up speed - but its not there yet. We attended 4 or 5 different times this year and it was rather pitiful. Four stands, and most of them carried the same produce.... [more]

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