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Honest, Friendly and Caring guy in Central Missouri. I enjoy the outdoors, finer things in life, spending time with Family & Friends, and of course pampering my Pets.

I began raising Silkie bantams as a hobby and it quickly became my passion. In addition to the Silkies I also raise Naked Neck Silkies "Showgirl Silkies" the Serama chickens, the cream colored Brabanter chickens, Guinea fowl, Mandarin ducks, Snowflake & Butler Quail and Indian Fantail pigeons. I can talk "chicken" all day and enjoying watching them peck and mill around the yard.

I consider the Internet to be a wealth of knowledge and enjoy my free time learning and studying horticulture, animal husbandry and Eco-friendly solutions. I sell hatching eggs and table eggs from all of my poultry and fowl. I also offer some for butchering, Silkie is considered a gourmet meat as is Guinea.

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Silkie and Showgirl bantams *white*blue*black*splash*partridge*buff* Serama *many colors* Brabanter *cream* Mandarin ducks *Reg/Split* Guinea fowl *various color mutations* Indian Fantail Pigeons *white*brown*almond*

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