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We are the Santos Brothers, two sets of really shy twins and third generation dairy farmers who carefully tend our herd of 120 Holstein, Ayrshire, and Jersey milkers. A few years ago, we sent our youngest brother Karl to France to learn how to make "boutons de coulottes," tiny artisanal thimbles of cheese that originated in the Burgundy region of France. We call them Hannahbells. Our individually molded thimbles are extremely creamy and rich tasting because they require five days to turn from milk to cheese. (Most cheese takes a day to form.) The flavor profile is complex and divine--very unusual for a young cheese. Chefs are using our Hannahbells for everything from hors d'hoeuvres to dessert and everything in between.

Hannahbells make a wonderful and unusual gift for special occasions--We love helping people share them with friends and family!

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Two rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Two sets of twins. 120 carefully tended cows. Green grass, salt air and fog. Hannahbells--tiny artisanal cheeses. and Cloumage--French-style artisanal curd

Hannahbells and Cloumage are available on a wholesale basis. Please email:
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