Siena Trattoria

Siena is a local trattoria that features local famers. Steve Hotz is the Executive Chef. He works with the South Eastern Food Group, Heritage Breeders and has a passion for the freshest ingredients. He and his cooks frequent area farmers markets each week and seek out vegetable and animal growers. Recently, Hotz met with several local pig farmers to explore a relationship with them and to discuss the possiblity of raising animals that more closely resemble those of 100 or 200 years ago before breeding, genetics, antibiotics and other outside influences changed them. He's also worked diligently to incorporate local foods of little popularity, such as Muscadine grapes, into dishes of great popularity and thus raising awareness of what our local environment already has to offer. Because the restaurant is only a couple of mintues from the Atlantic ocean, fish is a popular menu item. But Hotz is aware of the struggles going on between fishermen and enviornmentalists and is constantly working on new recipes that incorporate less popular/more plentiful fish such as spots, mullets and sheephead (instead of fish such as grouper, snapper, flounder, etc.). He's all about sustainablity.


Listing last updated on Dec 21, 2009

Siena Trattoria seeks out the freshest local produce, meats and fish. The Chefs passion for food, quality and educating the public on the reasources avaible to them is their mission.

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