Sierra Worm Compost

Sierra Worm Compost is located in the gold country of California. By feeding Red Wiggler worms organic waste materials (produce waste, kitchen scraps, leaves and manures) they create an amazing, natural soil amendment and plant growth enhancer; all the while saving tons of useful waste from becoming a landfill nightmare.

Worm compost has many benefits:

  • adds millions of microbes to your soil, saving you hundreds of $$ in chemicals and fertilizers (which destroys all those good microbes);
  • gives sandy soil, in particular and all soils in general more water-holding capacity which saves on irrigation costs;
  • breaks up clay soils naturally for more aeration which gives better growth to lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables;
  • decreases plant disease and pest problems making for a pleasant and more rewarding gardening experience.
  • Listing last updated on Feb 10, 2013

    Our worm compost is sold in 5 lb or 25 lb bags all year; Red Wiggler worms are sold from Jan-June and Sept-Dec (weather permitting). We produce our Wigglers' Brew Microbial Elixir, an actively aerated worm compost tea, from March-Oct.

    We also enjoy giving small groups a "tour" of our operation as well as individuals wishing to learn more about the business of vermiculture and worm composting.

    Give us a call to arrange a visit.

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