Silver Moon Farms

We are a very small farm that got started as a family support. Then we expanded to supporting our friends and neighbors. Our family, friends, and neighbors told their friends and neighbors and we suddenly had people knocking on our door seeking information. So, we opened our farm to the market. We are still a very small operation, the kind where you know all our names and we invite you for coffee if it's hot. We like to call ourselves Returning to the Basics, before all the huge grocery stores dictated our lives. We truly believe that the modern way people eat and live are killing them. We made the conscious decision to cut all chemicals from our farm several years ago. Now we grow organic, natural, heirloom (eat your heart out Monsanto!) produce and we have been healthier and happier for it. We invite you to come meet us. You'll find a farm of the sort you should remember from your childhood: a farm that invites you to pet and feed the animals, to walk the grounds and check it out for yourself.


Listing last updated on Dec 8, 2011

Naturally grown seasonal produce. Naturally free range chickens (like in the woods not in a box). Goat shares. Fiber and meat rabbits. Turkeys. Totally free range Moscovy Ducklings and eggs when available, seasonally.

Schedule and Location:

Silver Moon Farms
9025 Pettysville Rd
Pinckeny, Mi 48169
Please see our website for hours and a map

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