Silver Valley Farm is located just an hour northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our family raises a herd of 30 Hampshire sheep, egg laying chickens, and meat chickens. We raise all our livestock naturally rotating the sheep on grass pastures. The chickens spend 2/3 of their in large hoop hen houses that are moved daily. We grow a large produce garden in the summer transitioning to be organic. We also have a small herd of angora goats and Cormo cross wool sheep that we shear to sell the fleeces raw, washed or sent away to be made into roving to sell. We make our own hay to feed the sheep through the cold Indiana winters until they can all be back out on the pastures grazing. We host the local kindergarten class each spring of 150 kids at our farm to help educate them on where the food they eat comes from. We are a small sustainable farm trying to make a difference and enjoy educating the community in greener practices.

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Silver Valley Farm

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